Is DWIMBS for you – Existing Family Office

DWIMBS, the Dynamic Wealth Information Management Business Solution, was designed from the ground up to make it easy to finally have a complete and accurate big picture and detail view of one’s wealth. Created to meet the demanding needs of leading investment bankers, it is nevertheless simple and straightforward to use, which dramatically increases the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of those accountable for the operations of the single or small multi-family office.

Most people start their own family office in an attempt to finally get back control of their wealth. To finally get a real picture of what’s going on; how much they really have, how it’s performing, and is it protected. And yet, even having taken on the expense to bring it in-house, they still can’t get a complete picture – not really. While their people may want to give them a complete picture, they are frustrated by the complexity of the task. DWIMBS solves that problem in 2 ways.

One, it is based on a proven proprietary process and system designed for the sole purpose of giving the high net worth individual that true complete and accurate picture. It is a set of methods and procedures for collecting, authenticating, verifying, reconciling and integrating information and documentation related to your assets. Without this as your foundation, everything is at risk.

Second, it is a specially designed software and integrated technology that ensures that you capture full information about assets and their related activities, transactions, performance and valuation. DWIMBS makes it easy to create reports from that information that really show both the big picture and intimate details as needed. The ultimate purpose of DWIMBS is to give you the exact information you need, when you need it, with the assurance that the information is reliable and accurate. And to do it with just a few key strokes.

DWIMBS includes templates for all the reports I personally use to surprise and delight my clients. These are probably all the reports that you will ever need and includes the format for the financial reports binder that I give my clients. This binder organizes key financial and informational reports in such a way that you can quickly turn to a section and see a complete picture of your risk management program across entity ownership or find often unreported informational data about your various investments. You can’t get this from anywhere else. However, we will work with you to customize any reports to match your needs. CLICK HERE to see reports in action.

We understand that transferring to a new system can be a nightmare. Our tech team takes care of moving and integrating your data from your existing platforms to DWIMBS and double checks to ensure accuracy and integrity.

We know that you are concerned about disruption of your office. During the set up phase, we keep your current systems operational until your team is comfortable with DWIMBS. This typically is 3 to 6 months.

You might be concerned about hidden fees and support. There are no hidden fees. Our one time set up fee covers both set up and 1 year unlimited support.

Like you, our clients are concerned about the security of their private information. Let us assure you that we’ve incorporated the highest level of security measures and features to protect your privacy.

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