Is DWIMBS for you – Setting up a Dedicated Family Office

What It Is

DWIMBS, the Dynamic Wealth Information Management Business Solution, was designed from the ground up to make it easy to finally have a complete and accurate big picture and detail view of one’s wealth. Refined over 15 years of real world experience, the application incorporates all the tools you need to realize a truly comprehensive picture which includes not just investments but the complete range of assets, possessions and non investment financial activity.

DWIMBS consists of two specialized tools to put you back in the driver’s seat: 1) a unique systematic process, and 2) proprietary software.

A Unique, Systematic Process: what needs to get collected, when and how to collect, authenticate, verify, compile and aggregate to enable one to deliver reports that show both a complete, comprehensive “Big Picture” summary AND at the same time make it easy to create precise, pinpoint detail of condition, and history of a specific asset or asset group, complete with relevant documentation. For example a shopping mall investment, a report showing the starting basis , what round of financing, documentation of ownership/ partnership agreement, performance of asset to date.

Proprietary Software: automates the lion’s share of the process, complete with automatic reminders so that critical actions plus related activities and documentation are not overlooked (insurance renewal for the art collection with a reminder question asking if the collection’s valuation is up to date)

How It Works for You

It simplifies the entry and tracking of daily activity details while at the same time, behind the scene, the software is organizing all that information in such a way that it is available at the touch of a button in clear, easy to understand reports that give you a CLEAR, ACCURATE picture and REAL control of you wealth.

Combination of an established system and templates produce dramatic reduction in the time involved in tracking and managing the day in day out activity of wealth.

Key areas including Beginning Basis, day to day activity, documentation of ownership, current condition/valuation, changes over time, insurance and legacy provisions become easy to manage while automated reminders and alerts prevent important things from falling through the cracks.

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