If you are planning a family office, the challenges and expense to set SherilynPicone up can be daunting. Research confirms that $1 Million + is typical to get one up and running. If you already have a single or multi-family office, you know how hard it is to find technology that actually makes YOUR job easier.

I know from personal experience. My name is Sherilyn Casiano and I have a multi-family office. My clients are exclusively investment bankers and high end venture capitalists. They are extremely knowledgeable and demanding clients. They are not “Trust Babies” who can’t balance a check book and don’t want to be bothered by the details. They want to know exactly what’s happening and they value asset control and preservation over everything else. To meet their needs I had to develop a radically different approach and methodology for Family Office and asset management.

When I consolidated my operations in 2007, I looked at all the available software that promised great results for my FOS. I looked at the leading accounting packages, QuickBooks online, specialty products like Solomon and dozens of others.

What I found was behind all the bells and whistles, ALL the available solutions were designed to make the financial advisor’s job easier, not mine! They had all sorts of fancy reporting to show investment performance. But they were weak when it came to showing real cash flow, let alone let me know when it was time to update the insurance on the horse farm. Or if they were easy to use, they didn’t have the variety or flexibility of reporting I needed. I was left to using a combination of 3 different software packages to be able to give my clients a truly comprehensive view of ALL their assets and wealth.

So I decided to have a custom solution created. I wanted it to be as easy to use as QuickBooks, but powerful enough to track 50-60 limited partnerships for each client, complete with the basis, performance history and documents of ownership- And all available as a easy to read and digest report delivered or e mailed to the client at the touch of a button.

DWIMBS is the result of that quest. Hundreds of hours of programming and several hundred thousands of dollars have resulted in what I think is the best Family Office Solution available today. Anywhere at any price!

I am so excited about the results. And it has made my life so much easier and more efficient. DWIMBS enables me to do in 1 day what it used to take me 3 or more days to accomplish.  It can make your family office easier too.

We invite you to look through our site to learn more about how DWIMBS can make your family office easier. Look at the specifications, demos and FAQs.

Wait ’til you see how simple and easy it is to capture and input data.  How the reminders feature ensures you NEVER miss an insurance payment or overlook a bill.  How a few key strokes gives you an investment’s history, performance, and all the related documents so you see how much you put in, how many rounds, and who owns what. (You don’t have to call 5 different advisors or staff to try and get an answer).

If you would like a personal demonstration or get more specific questions answered, or to get started using DWIMBS, contact us at (212) 886-9078.